Band Website:
Better Left Unsaid


Band Members:

Adam Armstrong -- bass
Brent Terry -- drums
Jason Jones -- guitar
Rob Fernandez -- guitar
Steve Hickman -- vocals


01. Never Again
02. Repletion
03. Under My Skin
04. Testify
05. Sweets
06. Impurity
07. Cold Inside

This was a CD that I really sank my teeth into. They basically incorporate a variety of styles into a nice little mishmash of delectable metal. It's got a nice underground metal feel to it and they don't waste any time kicking your ass. It's one of those CDs that ends before you know it. It's a melodic yet heavy undertaking that really showcases some great guitar riffs and while the guitarists really sound great together, they also kick ass on their own. These guys definitely run a tight ship and I can imagine they sound great live as well.