Band Website:
Zero Hour


Band Members:

Jasun Tipton -- guitar
Troy Tipton -- bass
Mike Guy -- drums
Chris Salinas -- vocals


01. Face The Fear
02. The Falcon's Cry
03. Embrace
04. Specs Of Pictures Burnt Beyond
05. Zero Hour
06. I Am Here
07. Evidence Of The Unseen

These guys never disappoint. They release one fantastic album after another and this one is no different. They always manage to find great vocalists and have done so once again. They have solid songwriting on this release and two really good instrumentals that are enjoyable to listen to. I loved "The Falcon's Cry", "Embrace" and "Zero Hour". "Embrace" is an acoustic number with another guitar in it. I think the heaviest song on the CD is the title track. "I Am Here" is another great acoustic track. A lot of people aren't familiar with this awesome band so I enjoy turning people on to their music.