Band Website:


Band Members:

Kim Hooker -- vocals, guitars
Jay Pepper -- guitars
Pepsi Tate -- bass
Matt Blakout -- drums


01. Bezerk
02. Do It Up
03. One Beat Of Your Heart
04. I Believe
05. Tvod
06. Falling Down
07. Make Me Bleed
08. Get Real
09. Annie'z Gone
10. For Hate'z Sake
11. Sugar Fever
12. Dirty Needlez
12. Interview

This band hails from the wonderful isle of Wales. They were basically the Welsh Motley Crue and Poison and had some good tunes back in the day. Now they are back with Bezerk 2.0 which has some good melodic shit on it that will get you singing and tapping those feet of yours. Remember the days when guys actually wanted to look appealing to chicks? So they teased their hair, put on some eyeliner, and wore pants tight enough to let you know that they had something to offer? Well that's where these Welsh boys come in. If you like fun music without any emotional hangups then buy this record. Now!