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Band Members:

Smattro Ansjovis -- drums, vocals
Barbro Havohej -- bass, vocals
Achmed Abdulex -- guitars, vocals


01. Mongo Musicale
02. Wigdestroyer
03. Then You Know
04. Mongoloid Wannabe
05. Arabian Jesus
06. Wedlock
07. Crocophile
08. Born Tired
09. After-Ski Obliteration
10. Bass Of Thunder
11. Mr. Big Head
12. Dear Driver
13. The Friendly Call
14. Handicapitation
15. Drums Of Death
16. Whirlpool Whiplash
17. Dancefloor Dismemberment
18. Nightgrinder
19. Colombian Tie
20. Guitars Of Steel
21. The Day Hell Came To Town
22. Dying Cable
23. Moonwalk Massacre
24. Victims Of The Cat
25. Ladies Night/Birdo Might

This is a Swedish grindcore band that is pretty damn brutal and also quite speedy. Each song is less than a minute long. I often wonder why people give you a CD full of tunes but each song barely starts and is already over before you even know what happened. But in spite of the brevity it's some good graindcore. The screams, the blast beats, and the crushing guitar work slams you in the face like a Mack truck. The first song is a prelude of sorts to what is in store for your ears. One thing I appreciate about this band is their hilarious song titles. That kind of shit wins me over every time. My favorite song titles are "Crocophile", "Arabian Jesus", and "Mongoloid Wannabe". The drum solo is called "Drums Of Death" and if it were a wee bit longer like maybe a couple of minutes I'd enjoy that. Everything is played at warp speed but every once in a while they slow down a bit before they go back to making your head explode. Definitely a must for grindcore fans who have the attention span of gnat. One of my friends tells me that all you need is 30 seconds to make your point sometimes. All in all a very entertaining piece of work.