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01. Rise Aove (Most Precious Blood)
02. Black Coffee (ZAO)
03. My War (Bleeding Through)
04. I've Heard It Before (The Black Dahlia Murder)
05. Spray Paint The Walls (Remembering Never
06. Loose Nut (Drowningman)
07. Depression - American Nothing (American Nightmare)
08. Life Of Pain (Anodyne)
09. Drinking And Driving (Burnt By The Sun)
10. Jealous Again (Coalesce)
11. Annihilate This Week (Converge)
12. Damaged I & II (The Dillinger Escape Plan)
13. Nervous Breakdown (The Hope Conspiracy)
14. Six Pack (Playing Enemy)

I really enjoyed listening to the renditions of classic Black Flag songs. The bands added their own touch to these songs and I can see what a huge influence Black Flag was on these guys. I think these guys did an excellent job on these songs and I encourage people to pick up this CD.