Band Website:
Black Majesty


Band Members:

John 'Gio' Cavaliere -- vocals
Steve Janevski -- guitar
Hanny Mohamed -- guitar
Pavel Konvalinka -- drums
Evan Harris -- bass


01. Forever Damned
02. Into The Black
03. Evil In Your Eyes
04. Tomorrowland
05. Soldier Of Fortune
06. Bleeding World
07. Faces Of War
08. Wings To Fly
09. Another Dawn
10. Scars

This is their third effort and a lot of people place a whole lot of emphasis on the third one. It's your make or break I've been told and I think this will definitely make them. These guys gallop through songs like a thoroughbred at a race course but they do so admirably well. These guys remind me a lot of Iron Maiden in their heyday. Naturally their music is about fantasy themed affairs but the dueling guitar solos capture your attention immediately. The musical composition is pretty intricate and complex but the songs are pretty damn catchy. For folks who might not be familiar with these guys I'd suggest giving them a listen.