Band Website:
Blood Tsunami


Band Members:

Pete Evil -- vocals, guitar
Dor Amazon -- guitar
Bosse -- bass
Faust -- drums


01. Evil Unleashed
02. Let Blood Rain
03. Rampage Of Revenge
04. Infernal Final Carnage
05. Devoured By Flames
06. Torn Apart
07. Godbeater
08. Killing Spree

I popped this into the CD player and from start to finish this is a thrash metal lover's dream. These gusy are definitely old school and their drummer is Faust from Emperor fame. How fucking cool is that? These guys hail from Norway and are heavily influenced by Bay Area and German thrash. They incorporate both styles and I have to say that guitarists totally shred throughout the whole CD. The vocals are pretty much black metal style which is an interesting twist but he is from the land of black metal after all. There are great guitar riffs and really cool solos. I'm reminded a lot of Kreator but just a touch. They also manage to pull off a 10 minute instrumental as well. This is definitely great thrash metal.