Band Website:
Billy Martini


Band Members:

Billy Martini -- vocals
Steve Allison -- guitar
Mike Mansourian, James Landry -- bass
William Vance -- drums
Gary Goldsworthy -- keyboards


01. Like No Other
02. Wanna Need To Love You
03. Relax (Be Yourself)
04. Sniffin' Gin
05. Red Carpet Boogie
06. Hell In Paradise
07. Hookers And Handguns
08. Millennium Bitch
09. Possessions
10. Mamma Don't Dig It

Wow, I popped this CD into the player and found myself jamming. Talk about some high energy, foot tapping rock and roll blasting out of the speakers. I really dig "Red Carpet Boogie" and "Hookers And Handguns". From beginning to end, the music commands that you fucking rock out and dance. "Like No Other" begins the party with absolutely kickass vocals and a beat that has you grooving and moving. The musicians bring a mix of groove and rocking riffs and drumming that are a recipe for good time rock and roll. I haven't heard a CD that moved me like that in a long time. Long live rock and roll and The Billy Martini Show.