Band Website:
The Boat People


Band Members:

Robin Waters -- vocals, keyboards
James O'Brien -- vocals, bass
Charles Dugan -- guitar, vocals
Tony Garrett -- drums, percussion, vocals


01. Awkward Orchid Orchard
02. Unsettle My Heart
03. As If I Could
04. Born In The 80s
05. Light Of Love (You Got A...)
06. Tell Someone Who Cares
07. Hours N Hours
08. Panic
09. Babysnake
10. Destination
11. On Your Side
12. A Space In Time

I've been listening to this CD for quite a bit now. It's one of those records that grow on me the more I listen to it and now I'm at the point where I love it. It's pop music with some really fantastic harmonies and good melody lines. I'm especially in love with the first two tracks on it. It's definitely a pleasure to come across some well produced and well crafted pop music. Most of the songs on here have a nice bouncy and poppy feel to them and some of the best harmonies I've heard in a long time. The lyrical content is nice and positive and all in all this is a fantastic release from this Australian band. it seems fame and fortune seem to be eluding them from what I've read but I think this release might well be their break through.