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01. Catch The Wind (Donovan)
02. I Feel Like Dynamite (King Floyd)
03. Mama Told Me (Not To Come) (Lazlo Bane)
04. Supply And Demand (Amos Lee)
05. Cha Cha (Chelo)
06. Under The Waves (Pete Droge)
07. Shining From Heaven (Bob Sinclair)
08. Wounded (Nik Kershaw)
09. Opening (Jeff Cardoni)
10. Scrapbook (Jeff Cardoni)
11. Bo Leaves (Jeff Cardoni)
12. Driving To Bryce (Jeff Cardoni)
13. Bryce Ashes (Jeff Cardoni)
14. One More Stop (Jeff Cardoni)
15. Finale (Jeff Cardoni)

I haven't seen the movie yet but the plot seems to be pretty cool. Apparently a lady loses her husband and her two friends travel with her to spread his ashes and the soundtrack is really cool. It has some folk tunes, some Latin type tunes, and I like the cover of "Mama Told Me (Not To Come)". That's such a cool song. And then of course there is Jeff Cardoni's material which is really nice to listen to. The soundtrack definitely sounds like something you'd take on a road trip and you'd pop it into the CD player and just jam along with it. I would recommend however mixing it up a bit So that Jeff Cardoni's offerings come into the mix. Of course that is the cool thing with CD players and iPods. You can mix things up a bit.