Band Website:
Lisa Bouchelle


Band Members:

Lisa Bouchelle -- vocals, acoustic guitar
Jason Cowden -- acoustic guitar
Stephen DeAcutis -- electric guitar, acoustic guitar, sitar, bass, drum programming
Hal B. Selzer -- bass
Bobby Bandiera -- electric guitar
Bobby Lynch -- keyboards, piano
Shawn Pelton -- drums, loops
Lance Hyland Stark -- drums
Micah Sherman -- violin
Obie O'Brien -- electric guitar, keyboards
Tom Reock -- piano, strings
Sunset Gardener -- accordian
Southside Johnny -- blues harp
Gary U.S. Bonds -- vocals
Steve Dejka -- steel pan


01. Holding On To Air
02. Ya Huh
03. Insane
04. A Kiss Is Worth 1,000 Words
05. Missed The Ring
06. Along For The Ride
07. Tears Of Sugar
08. The Other Side Of The Rainbow (Dorothy)
09. Overrated
10. The Way You Look At Me
11. Man In The Moon
12. Spirit In The Night
13. Bullfrog
14. Bebe Blues

I was checking out who all participated on this particular CD and man, a blast from the past. Gary U.S. Bonds lends some vocals. I remember back as a kid having a single 45 which name I can't remember now. I also see Southside Johnny is on this release as well. Apparently Lisa Bouchelle has also sung backup for Bruce Springsteen. Wow. This CD was done at Jon Bon Jovi's house. This woman really knows some heavy hitters and let me tell you, she isn't a bad singer to boot. I really enjoyed this CD. The woman has amazing vocals and the musical compositions on here are fantastic. Great lyrics, great songwriting, and a lot of emotion and passion make this disc great. I can definitely see why "Insane" was the first release off of this. I'll definitely be listening to this for a while.