Band Website:
Breathe Carolina


Band Members:

Kyle Even -- vocals
David Schmitt -- vocals
Eric Armenta -- drums
Joshua Andrew -- guitars, synths, keys, vocals
Luis Bonet -- synths, keys, programming


01. Hello Fascination
02. I'm The Type of person To Take It Personal
03. Take Me To Infinity
04. Dressed Up To Undress
05. I.D.G.A.F
06. Welcome To Savannah
07. I Have To Go Return Some Video Tapes
08. The Dressing Room
09. Tripped And Fell In Portland
10. Can I Take You Home?
11. My Obsession
12. Velvet
13. Rescue

I put this CD in the player the other day and after having read a few reviews of it, I was wondering why people were so down on it. It's quite an enjoyable CD with interesting song titles and pretty catchy tunes. It's the kind of CD you can put on and bop to while you're working on something. If you like to throw parties and have some cool dance tunes, this record definitely works for that. The band is a two piece and they recruit folks when they go touring. The instrumentation on the record is pretty cool and the vocals are a combination of melodic and screaming. All in all the songs are varied and there is a good balance between instrumental playing and the electronic stuff. Definitely an interesting listen.