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Band Members:

Hváll -- bass
Steingrim --drums
Sture -- vocals, guita
Ese -- guitar


01.Då Draumen Rakna
02.Pitch Black
03.Left To Hate
04.The Red Smell
06.Our Battle
07.Hang 'Em All
08.Eit Kapitell For Seg Sjølv

I am a huge fan of black metal and I definitely got into Vreid's latest effort. I like the mixture of Norwegian and English. They can make that shit sound totally evil. There are a number of different time signatures in a lot of the songs that really capture your attention along with the aggressive guitar riffs and demonic drumming. They've got that symphonic quality to their songs as well. The sound is definitely what I would call very full. These guys are defintely not afraid to experiment. For folks who might not know, this band was created after the demise of Windir. I think this album is very solid and I think black metal fanatics will like it.