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Scott Reeder

Band Members:

Scott Reeder -- bass, drums, guitar, keyboards, vocals


01. When I Was
02. Thanks
03. The Silver Tree
04. Away
05. Diamond
06. When
07. Renee
08. The Day Of Neverending
09. Queen Of Greed
10. Fuck You All
11. To An End
12. The Fourth
13. As I'm Dreamin'

Scott Reeder was in a band called Kyuss once upon a time and now he has released a very cool solo effort. The music on here is straight forward rock and roll. Every song on here was really enjoyable and I couldn't find any filler material whatsoever. He was part of the doom metal scene but on this release he's a bit more focused and reminded me of Alice In Chains a bit. Amazingly enough he played every instrument on this record.