Band Website:
Beneath The Massacre


Band Members:

Elliot Desgagnés -- vocals
Christopher Bradley -- guitar
Justin Rousselle -- drums
Dennis Bradley -- bass


01. The Surface
02. Society's Disposable Son
03. The System's Failure
04. The Stench Of Misery
05. Untitled
06. Modern Age Slavery
07. The Invisible Hand
08. Better Off Dead
09. Long Forgotten
10. Sleepless

If you're looking for some technical, brutal, sick death metal then I think this release is what you need. It's an emotionless and nonmelodic release that reverberates down your spine and puts icicles on it. There's nothing really new about what these guys do but they do it with exhiliration and intensity and it's quite obvious that they are definitely honing their craft in a very fine fashion. The guitar riffs are nice and chunky, the rhythm section is as tight as a laced up corset, and the vocals are fucking demonic. The songs speed along at a rapid rate and the drummer is just flat fucking amazing. All in all a really amazing piece of work.