Band Website:
Black & Blue Star


Band Members:

Dave Black -- vocals, guitar
Charlie Drannbauer -- guitar
Rob Dahne -- drums
Will Dahne -- bass


01. There's A Bug In My Head
02. 4 P.J.
03. Fall To The Gun
04. Window Song
05. Sun Will Rise
06. Friends Of Mine
07. Everybody Else
08. Otherside
09. Rest Of My Life
10. Noche

The album starts out with a brief instrumental that leads into a rock fest with a grunge influenced style. I kinda dug "Everybody Else" a bit because it has a bluesy sound to it. I'm not quite sure where Dave Black is going with this record but it kind of sounds like a cross between Pink Floyd and Nirvana. Don't ask me how I arrived at that thought but I did. He's quoted as being hell bent on creating a sound but I don't quite know what that sound is going to be. The songs have quite a bit of angst to them. I found the CD to be quite interesting and I look forward to hearing more of his work.