Band Website:
Burn In Silence


Band Members:

Darren Cesca -- drums
Alan Glassman -- guitar
Mike Casavant -- guitar
Max Lavelle -- bass
Chris Harrel -- vocals
Ben Schulkin -- keyboards


01. Lines From An Epitaph
02. Rebirth
03. The Age In Which Tomorrow Brings
04. Embrace The Plague
05. Primal Human Pain
06. Angel Maker
07. Judging Hope
08. Well Adjusted
09. Watching Dead Leaves Fall
10. World Of Regret

I don't know what goes in Massachusetts but I would never have guessed that it would be the breeding ground for a lot of really good heavy assed bands but here comes another one. How to sum this CD up? Fucking brutal. The kind of shit that kicks you in the teeth and keeps you wanting more. Your speakers are probably going to explode. I mean these guys are serious and know what they're doing. The blast beats and heavy assed riffs are going to make the neighbor's house explode. While they aren't really inventing anything, they do seem to have their own style of doing things. They're not afraid to try different things and I love the use of the symphonic sound in this release. I think people should definitely pick this up.