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Varg Vikernes -- vocals, ryhthm & lead guitar, bass, drums, synthesizers


01. Feeble Screams From Forests Unknown
02. Stemmen Fra Taarnet
03. Lost Wisdom
04. Svarte Troner
05. Det Som En Gang Var
06. Jesus' Tod
07. Gebrechlichkeit II
08. Balfred Baldrs
09. Ansuzgardaraiwo

Good old Varg Vikernes. As many people know he spent time in prison for the murder of Euronymous, the guitarist of Mayhem as well as for burning down a few churches. Talking about taking one for the cause. Burzum is probably the most influential band in black metal both musically and I think also as far as committing rather violent acts. The history of Norway's black metal scene is quite fascinating. This particular release features nine songs from I believe seven albums including the two he released while in prison. The CD was put together in a way that chronicles his early material up to his later material and it's really cool to hear how he progressed over time. His early material was pretty raw and primal I guess you could say and advanced to a somewhat almost punk sound and later on he composed some complex stuff as well as experimenting with different sounds and instruments. While he was in prison he had limited access to instruments but still managed to put together some rather interesting material. If you've never heard Burzum I strongly recommend getting this CD and giving it a good listen. You get to basically listen to him evolve but you'll also appreciate his earlier material and his later material.