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Band Members:

Brandon Green -- bass
Frank Sacramone -- keyboards, sampling
Ben Shanbrom -- drums, percussion
Jamie Van Dyck -- guitar


01. In Solitude
02. The Greatest Wall
03. Future's Passed
04. Guacamole
05. Sea Of Tranquility
06. Menace
07. Sever The Sky
08. Sirens
09. Introspection
10. In Flames
11. Mariachi Massacre
12. Head Trauma
13. Honor

Every once in a while a really good instrumental CD comes along that I really enjoy and this is no exception. These guys are basically an instrumental progressive rock band and their music is just simply amazing. These guys are very young and have basically taken a lot of different influences and have merged them into a very unique sound. For an independent and debut release, this record is impressive. All of these musicians are extremely talented and are a very cohesive group. There is a good variety of music on this disc and none of the songs sound the same. I think what amazes me is how 18 and 19 year olds can be so talented and produce such great music. You need to definitely listen to these guys. Their music is simply compelling.