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01. Intro
02. Open For Business
03. Public Enemy No. 1 (feat. Spice 1)
04. Iraq
05. Ride With Me (feat. Randall)
06. Interlude
07. How Can We (feat. Pearl)
08. Hey (Remix)
09. Becaue Of You (feat. Joshua Franks)
10. Doin' It Big
11. Put It On The P.O.L.E. (feat. TQ)
12. Coming Along
13. Triv (feat. Sick Beav)
14. Closed

This was a pretty grooving release. It's really a nice thing to see Middle Eastern people standing up for themselves and speaking out against unfair treatment. I think it's crazy to lump an entire group of people together and say they're all responsible for a crime when Timothy McVeigh doesn't make all Caucasian people responsible for bombing federal buildings. The songs have outspoken lyrics that are very honest and clear cut. Definitely worth checking out and listening to.