Band Website:
Canvas Solaris


Band Members:

Nathan Sapp -- guitar
Hunter Ginn -- drums, percussion
Chris Rushing -- guitar
Donnie Smith -- analog synthesis
Gael Pirlot -- bass


01. Berserker Hypothesis
02. Sinusoid Mirage
03. Interface
04. Gamma Knife
05. Rhizome
06. Reticular Consciousness

In order to be able to appreciate this band and the amazing shit that they do, you have to basically open your mind and let the music take you where it will. This is what they call math metal and intricate is the term that comes to mind. When you first listen to it, it sounds a bit disjointed but after a few listens you get into the groove. There is a lot of depth to this music and each song takes you on a different musical journey. You really have to listen to the whole record to get a feel for this but after having listened to a prior release of theirs, I get excited when I see their CDs come across my desk.