Band Website:
Carnal Forge


Band Members:

Jens C. Mortensen -- vocals
Jari Kuusisto -- guitar
Petri Kuusisto -- guitar
Lars Linden -- bass
Stefan Westerberg -- drums


01. Testify For My Victims
02. Burning Eden
03. Numb (The Dead)
04. Godsend Gods End
05. End Game
06. Questions Pertaining The Ownership Of My Mind
07. Freedom By Mutilation
08. Subhuman
09. No Longer Bleeding
10. Biological Waste Matter
11. Lost Legion
12. Ante Mori

I put this in the player and kicked back and had a grand old time listening to this stuff. Heavy guitar riffs and outstanding vocals made this a great listen. This is your Gothenburg style thrash style that makes listening to Swedish bands so enjoyable. Their music is a bit more melodic and maybe the vocals aren't as brutal since they've had a vocalist change but I loved it. I know a lot of people are disappointed because their sound is a bit watered down but the vocalist makes the band and I think they found a good choice and made a good change.