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Band Members:

Perry Zaremba -- vocals
Kenny Morss -- drums
George Koch -- bass
Joe Czentnar -- guitar
Kevin Davis -- keyboards, guitar


01. Lost In Legacy
02. Home Again
03. I Wonder
04. Party If You Want To
05. Daze Warning

If you're looking for a good hard rock band that specializes in strong guitar riffs, great drumming, keyboards, a vocalist who is distinctly heard above the musical accompaniment, look no further. This is definitely arena rock that harks back to the great sounds of the 80's. All of the songs are quite catchy and it's the lead tune, "Lost In Legacy", on the record that is a personal favorite of mine. It has a great intro and really catchy melody. It's a great way to kick off the record. "Party If You Want To" is also quite catchy and has some really cool sound effects. "Home Again" starts off rather softly but then kicks into action. "7 Daze Warning" is a versatile song that incorporates double bass drumming. "I Wonder" definitely has some great vocal work. All in all the whole record is memorable and is something people need to hear.