Band Website:
Dig Jelly


Band Members:

Rayko -- vocals, guitar, keyboards
Joey Felix -- drums
Robby Lochner -- lead guitar
Rain Balen -- bass


01. Jaded
02. 3karmice
03. Broken Trust
04. Too Deep
05. The Ultimate
06. For Your Inner Angry Child
07. Whatever
08. Forgiveness
09. Dramatic Suicide
10. Inside Out
11. Alive

I read that Rayko was bound and determined to make it in the music business and you can see that determination on this CD. The CD is very fastpaced and totally rock and roll with hip hop thrown in for good measure. The CD is very energetic and over the top with fine musicianship and excellent production. You can only imagine this is a taste of what these guys can do and you totally want to see a live show. I like to listen to some pumping rock music when I go to the gym and do the treadmill and this CD is definitely going to be in the player. Dig Jelly is where it's at.