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Band Members:

Chris Spicuzza -- keyboards
Matt Devries -- rhythm guitar
Andols Herrick -- drums
Mark Hunter -- vocals
Rob Arnold -- lead guitar
Jim Lamarca -- bass


01. The Venom Inside
02. Frozen In Time
03. Coming Alive
04. Secrets Of The Dead
05. The Disappearing Sun
06. Impending Doom
07. On Broken Glass
08. Destroy And Dominate
09. Try To Survive
10. The Heart Of It All

The likes I have for this record are numerous. The vocals are a new approach involving low tones as well as some eerie whispering on "Impending Doom". The guitar playing on the record is incredible. The drumming is very cool. The double bass is masterful and there's some blast beats going on as well. It appears that the band has gone back to their roots on this release as well as having matured a bit as a band. The songs are well crafted. For some reason the intro to "The Venom Inside" appeals to me. Starts out a bit slow and then turns into a cachophony of sound. It has a very epic sound to it. "Coming Alive" has some damn good solo riffs in it. I think there's more of a slower pace to this record which I really dig. The songs really grab at you and the more I listen to the record the more I really get into it. I'm a bit leery of records that totally appeal to me at first. This one is reeling me in every time I hear it and that ensures that it's going to be a keeper. I've noticed that each release from this band is a bit different from the previous and that holds my interest. All in all this record is as brutal as ever and very solid.