Band Website:
Enochian Crescent

Band Members:

Wrath -- vocals
Brother Chaptain Victor -- guitar
Cantor Dr. von Pfosforus -- bass
Deacon Mathias -- guitar
Bishop B. Bolton -- drums


I. Our Life In Wormwood Christ
01. Tatan
02. Tango Absinto
03. Chalk Face
II. Our Life In His Kingdom
04. Thousand Shadows
05. Ghost Of Saturn
06. The Imperfect Vision
III. Our Life In Servitude
07. Hendekagrammaton
08. Tridents Clash
09. Black Church

This is black metal band from Finland which seems to be an oasis for kickass metal music. I enjoyed this from start to finish. The album is nice and dark and evil. To be honest it's kind of fucking creepy. I think it's a mixture between the bass and the drum work and the creepy vocals that are featured on this record. If it sends a chill up my spine then it's good shit. If you want some creepy shit with some Satanic overtones, this is delivered hot and fresh from Finland.