Band Website:
Circus Maximus


Band Members:

Michael Eriksen -- vocals
Mats Haugen -- rhythm, lead, & acoustic guitars, ebow
Lasse Finbraten -- keyboards, samplers
Glen Mellen -- bass
Truls Haugen -- drums, percussion


01. A Darkened Mind
02. Abyss
03. Wither
04. Sane No More
05. Arrival Of Love
06. Zero
07. Mouth Of Madness
08. From Childhood's Home
09. Ultimate Sacrifice

I loved this band from the first time I heard them and this particular release is just a fucking incredible prog record that rocks your socks off. It's energetic and has a lot of really good guitar riffs. "Sane No More" is a great example of really excellent, technical guitar work with a lot of good melody infused. It's an instrumental that takes you all over the place. The vocalist has a really good, strong voice. I totally enjoy listening to him sing. He has good range and doesn't get squeaky like some people do in the same genre. I find the instrumentalists just absolutely impeccable players. A very tight and cohesive band. The compositions are top notch. The choruses are outstanding. The CD kept my interest the entire time and it's definitely a record that I'm going to keep returning to. I think these boys have really outdone themselves.