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Band Members:

Chris Menta -- guitars, bass, vocals, keyboards, samples, programming


01. The System L.A.M.B./Escaping The Kennel
02. The Broken Covenant
03. RazorDog (Playing At The Lucy Fairy's Club)
04. H.T3.S. (Heroic Tale Turning To Shit)
05. A Girl Caught In Sexylvania
06. Chalice Of Sin
07. Vindicative
08. Niaguido
09. Assabra Kulta
10. Long Way Atlantis

I'm always amazed at how one person can put a CD that sounds like he has a full band behind it but it's just him. I was pretty impressed with the quality of music he produces and I would like to see him expand his horizons and really kick some ass. His music is somewhere between metal and industrial which are two genres I like and I must admit the CD does keep your attention. Apparently the CD is a concept album about an electronic chip. Each song is interesting in just the sounds that emit. They leave you kind of jangled. One thing that caught my attention was that he was the session guitarist for Rozz Williams who many people know as the vocalist for Christian Death. It's definitely an interesting listen and it may just stay in the car CD player for a bit.