Band Website:


Band Members:

Nassiri -- vocals
Albert Bulbulyan -- piano, keyboards
Bill Zappia -- piano, keyboards
Ando Assatourian -- piano, keyboards
Schubert Avakian -- keyboards
Ramon Abdishou -- acoustic guitar
David Haddad -- drums
Ali Tavali -- hand drums
Ron MJ -- latin percussion
Jimmy Z. -- tenor sax, harmonica
Vahe M. -- cello
Ruben Oritiz -- panflute
Sooren -- saz, ous, bouzouki


01. Yesterday's Gone
02. Love Is The Reason
03. Love Sees No Color
04. Chasing The Wind
05. Jini
06. Highway
07. Vagabond
08. HOmeless
09. Dance Of Life
10. Rainfall
11. Love Sees No Color World Mix
12. Heaven

Every once in a while I come across somthing that doesn't necessarily fit the format of the webzine but I truly think is worth checking out. And this is one of them. There is so much hatred in this world where people hate one another mostly due to brainwashing by politicians. I was really captivated by this guy who sings about how love sees no color and truly it doesn't. Something else I found impressive is that this guy can apparently sing in 12 languages. That's no mean feat. This guy also by the way is one of the largest wholesalers of designer labels in this country. All of the songs on here are totally beautiful compositions that I really enjoyed listening to. If you're looking for something out of the ordinary check this out.