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Gigi DeNisco

Band Members:

Gigi DeNisco -- vocals, acoustic guitar
Jimi Fiano -- electric guitar, 12-string acoustic
Steve Argy -- bass
Matt Coogan -- bass
George Perry -- bass
Dean Sire -- keyboards
Frank Lynch -- harmonica
Chip Staples -- percussion
Oscar Dorta -- drums


01. Pony Ride
02. Before We Start
03. Walkin' A Line
04. Your Letter
05. December's Moon
06. All Night
07. Worse Than Worst Blues
08. Don't Give Up On Love
09. The Angel Song

It's always nice to receive CDs from female artists who know what they're doing. All the songs flow along on this CD and there's no disjointed jangling stuff going on. The songs are well crafted and Gigi has a nice strong voice. Her songs are very melodic and there's a lot of thought put into the lyrics. I loved reading the story behind "The Angel Song". She's a brave soul as well. Her songs have that classic rock feel to them that people love and it's nice to hear that type of music still being produced. There's no whiny emo shit on here. Just sincere, thought provoking melodies and well written lyrics.