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Band Members:

Pierscien -- guitar, voices
Thomas -- guitar
Bartosh -- drums


01. Dying Sounds
02. Blood For Blood
03. Life Organs Transplantation
04. Blood Sign
05. Dead House
06. Human Meat
07. Disturbance Of Consciousness
08. Oscullum Obscenum
09. U.F.O.
10. Genetic Deformations
11. Rotten Visions
12. Your Mad Mind

These guys hail from Bialystok, Poland and they are here to kick your fucking ass. They've been together for 15 yeaqrs and I believe this is their second full length release. They're kind of in the vein of Entombed and Dismember in their early days. The music is fast paced and never slows down and it definitely attempts to capture the Gothenburg sound and succeeds. They do a really good cover of Hypocrisy's "Oscullum Obscenum" plus you get three bonus songs from some promo material they recorded in 1997. If you like really sick gory lyrics you'll definitely dig this band. Definitely a very intense band and not for the faint of heart.