Band Website:
The Coral Sea


Band Members:

Rey Villalobos -- vocals, guitar
James Garza -- guitar
Eric Ahlgren -- keys
James Van Arsdale -- bass guitar
Bret Van Derhyden -- drums


01. From Arizona To Barcelona
02. Cold Eyes Down
03. I Know You'll find A Way
04. Ah, Ah, Ah
05. More Than You Know
06. I Can't Decide
07. Northern Crime
08. Seconds Into Sound
09. Your Prisons Are Home
10. Honeybee

All I can say is pensive, eclectic, and soul searching. These songs are so well crafted and they emote such emotions. You feel hopeless, lost, and redeemed. And the vocalist. My God, that guy sounds so bittersweet and you feel totally fascinated just sitting there listening to him. He has stories to tell and you want to hear them all. You can't really classify this type of music but it has an edge to it. At the same time it's atmospheric with a dreamy quality to it. This is one of those gems where you should go on the ride that the singer is taking you on and just let the music carry you away.