Band Website:
Street Drum Corps


Band Members:

Bobby Alt -- drums
Frank Zummo -- drums
Adam Alt -- drums


01. Police Beat Introduction
02. Wrecks
03. Rabbit
04. Street Drum Corps
05. Body Sounds 101
06. Achilles
07. Flaco 81
08. Bang

This is definitely something off the beaten path. It's basically nothing but drumming with some scratching and chanting and it's quite compelling. Yes, I'm bobbing my head to the rhythms emanating out of my speakers. On one track there was some Native American rhythm interspersed with different beats. Admittedly you probably couldn't handle too much of this but being a lover of drumming myself I was quite enchanted with the whole thing. There is also a DVD included that shows a live performance and that is totally kick ass. It's a really fun CD and I think people who dig percussion will like this.