Band Website:
Crimson Glory


Band Members:

Ben Jackson -- guitars
John Drenning -- guitars
Wade Black -- vocals
Jeff Lords -- bass
Steve Wacholz -- drums


CD 1:
01. March To Glory
02. War Of The Worlds
03. New World Machine
04. Astronomica
05. Edge Of Forever
06. Touch The Sun
07. Lucifer's Hammer
08. The Other Side Of Midnight
09. Cyber-Christ
10. Cydonia

CD 2:
01. War Of The Worlds (remake)
02. Astronomica (demo)
03. Touch The Sun (demo)
04. Dragon Lady (live)
05. Eternal World (live)
06. Painted Skies (live)
07. Queen Of The Masquerade (live)
08. Lost Reflection (live)

As ev eryone is aware of I'm sure, Metal Mind Productions has been re-releasing some real gems that have gone out print. I have discovered some wonderful stuff as a result of this. I have my hands on the Astronomica CD that Crimson Glory did when they decided to reunite. It's a nice double CD with the second CD having bonus material. It's kind of a sci fi sort of thing which makes things interesting. Wade Black tends to take on a rather Rob Halford approach to a few of the songs. The songs are also tracked in a good way and flow smoothly from one to another. It's definitely a good effort for a reunion. Hopefully another one is in the works?