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Band Members:

Rennie Resmini -- vocals
Todd Forkin -- guitar
Harry Rosa -- drums
Vince Rosa -- bass


01. Wilding
02. Taming Leeches With Fire
03. Slither
04. Bitterfrost
05. Hushabye: Goodnight
06. Vespertilian
07. Machine Rhythm Confessional
08. The Infinity Coil / Silken Garotte

Okay these guys kept to themselves for over a decade and now they have graced our presence with another release and it's an asskicking one at that. It's an emotional journey into anger and hatred and pain. The drummer does an excellent job with his complex drum patterns and the guitarists blow your ass away with their heavy ass riffs. The vocalist has quite a range and really impresses the hell out of me. The CD has some excellent production as well. This is a great record and I hope we don't have to wait this long for the next one.