Band Website:
Crucified Barbara


Band Members:

Mia Coldheart -- vocals, lead guitar
Nicki Wicked -- drums
Klara Force -- guitar
Ida Evileye -- bass


01. Play Me Hard (The Bachelor's Guitar)
02. In Distortion We Trust
03. Losing The Game
04. Motorfucker
05. I Need A Cowboy From Hell
06. My Heart Is Black
07. Hide 'Em All
08. Going Down
09. I Wet Myself
10. Rock'n'Roll Bachelor
11. Bad Hangover
12. Killed By Death

If there's one thing I love, it's an all chick group that has as much swagger and attitude as male groups do. These ladies hail from Sweden and they will rock your ass off. The vocalist is quite good at what she does and can go from clean vocals to almost death metal vocals within a blink of an eye. Most of their lyrics deal with mistreatment of women and they definitely get their points across. These ladies will kick your ass all the way through. I highly recommend picking up this high octane album.