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01. Girls, Girls, Girls (Pretty Boy Floyd)
02. Kick Start My Heart (Jack Russell)
03. Red Hot (Tuff/Tracii Guns)
04. Too Young To Fall In Love (Gilby Clarke)
05. Piece Of Your Action (L.A. Guns)
06. Live Wire (Steve Summers/Tracii Guns)
07. Shout At The Devil (London)
08. Starry Eyes (Bang Tango)
09. Dr. Feelgood (Bullet Boys)
10. Home Sweet Home (Leif Garrett)
11. Saints Of Los Angeles (Jetboy)
12. Public Enemy #1 (Spiders & Snakes)
13. Bastard (Peppermint Creeps)

When I was 16 years old I got my first Motley Crue album. It was Shout At The Devil and it is still my favorite Crue album. It's probably the heaviest one they ever did which is why I love it so much. Motley Crue made an impact on a lot of up and coming bands and it was cool to receive this CD from Tim from Cleopatra Records. It's 13 of the Crue's best tunes sung by all the bands you know and love. They keep pretty close to form on the songs but still put their own style into the songs. All in all it's a really cool tribute CD dedicated to one of the best rock bands of all time.