Band Website:
The Cursed


Band Members:

Bobby "Blitz" Ellsworth -- vocals
Dan Lorenzo -- guitar
Job The Raver -- bass
Mike Cristi -- drums


01. Sweeter
02. Evil, In The Bag
03. Leven Als God In Frankrijk
04. Breaking Her Down
05. Best Of The Worst
06. Native Tongue
07. Serpintine Slither
08. All's Right
09. One Time
10. Queen Of The Down
11. Generate Her

This CD was a cool listen. It brings together the vocalist of Overkill and the guitarist of Hades and gives us one kick ass band. It's metal with a cool bluesy touch to it and you definitely see another side of Blitz. You will be totally amazed at the vocals on this record. It's fucking heavy shit with great guitar riffs and good grooves and Blitz's vocals really go with the music. I can't say enough about how great this CD is. Pick it up!