Band Website:
Metal Church

Band Members:

Kurdt Vanderhoof -- guitar
Ronny Munroe -- vocals
Jay Reynolds -- guitars
Steve Unger -- bass
Jeff Plate -- drums


01. A Light In The Dark
02. Beyond All Reaason
03. Mirror Of Lies
04. Disappear
05. The Believer
06. Temples Of The Sea
07. Pill For The Kill
08. Son Of The Son
09. More Than Your Master
10. Blinded By Life
11. Watch The Children Pray 2006

Everyone knows what an amazing band this has always been and still is. The sad thing is that David Wayne is no longer with us because of injuries sustained in a car accident that he initially survived byut that overcame him anyway. Rest in peace brother. One of the fantastic things about this CD is the drums are just amazing on here. Very tight sound. The tracks that they're cranking out on here are very well written songs lyrically with great song structures. It's quite obvious they put a lot of time and thought into this disc. This is a totally great metal CD.