Band Website:
Dark Funeral


Band Members:

Blackmoon -- guitars
Equimanthorn -- drums
Themgoroth -- vocals, bass
Lord Ahriman -- guitar


01. The Dark Ages Has Arrived
02. The Secrets Of The Black Arts
03. My Dark Desires
04. The Dawn No More Rises
05. When Angels Forever Die
06. The Fire Eternal
07. Satan's Mayhem
08. Shadows Over Transylvania
09. Bloodfrozen
10. Satanic Blood
11. Dark Are The Path To Eternity (A Summoning Nocturnal)

01. Shadows Over Transylvania
02. The Dawn No MOre Rises
03. The Secrets Of The Black Arts
04. Satan's Mayhem
05. Bloodfrozen
06. My Dark Desires
07. Dark Are The Path To Eternity (A Summoning Nocturnal)
08. The Fire Eternal

Oh my God when I opened this package from Mazur PR, people I've worked with for a long time, I damn near had a sexual orgasmic experience. Inside were three Dark Funeral remasters. I love this fucking band. They fill my dark little heart with desires. This is one of their best I think. It's very evil and creepy and sends chills up your spine. The music is intense and goes at breakneck speed and at the same time has some good guitar riffs and the drumming is phenomenal. Yes the songs are about worshipping Satan but what the fuck. It pisses off the fundies. There's also a cool bonus disc of previously unreleased material from 1995 that kicks ass.