Band Website:
Dark Funeral


Band Members:

Lord Ahriman -- guitars
Emperor Magus Caligula -- bass,vocals
Matte Modin -- drums
Dominion -- guitars


01. The Arrival of Satan's Empire
02. Hail Murder - (5:02) 03. Goddess of Sodomy
04. Diabolis Interium
05. An Apprentice Of Satan
06. Thus I Have Spoken
07. Armageddon Finally Comes


01. An Apprentice Of Satan
02. The Trail (King Diamond)
03. Dead Skin Mask (Slayer)
04. Remember The Fallen (Sodom)
05. Pagan Fears (Mayhem)

This was a really good album in the repetoire of Dark Funeral's musical arsenal. They had definitely improved in terms of songwriting, musicianship, and emotions. "Goddess Of Sodomy" is perhaps the best track on this release in that it shows their versatility. There's a bonus CD as well which is cover tunes and sounds really great. These guys play at warp speed and have to be one of the most brutal bands out there. It's that aggressiveness and darkness and evil that make them one of the best black metal bands out there in my opinion. Makes you want to go burn a church down doesn't it? And with the ugly monstrosities we have in my town, that sounds like a keen idea. If you like grim, melodic, macabre music this band is for you. Once you've been initiated in at the pulpit of Dark Funeral, you will never leave.