Band Website:
Dark Suns


Band Members:

Niko Knappe -- vocals, drums
Maik Knappe -- guitars
Torsten Wenzel -- guitars
Thomas Bremer -- keyboards


01. Stampede
02. Flies In Amber
03. Thornchild
04. Rapid Eyes Moment
05. Amphibian Halo
06. The Chameleon Defect
07. Free Of You
08. Papillon

These guys are an interesting treat. You think you're going to be in for some black metal but they surprise you with how versatile their music is. They incorporate everything from doom to progressive with some electronica thrown in for good measure. The vocalist uses mostly clean vocals but isn't afraid to throw in some growls here and there to flavor things a bit. I was surprised to hear not only violin playing but also flute playing. I love a band that isn't afraid to incorporate nontraditional metal instruments. The songs on this release are very complex, atmospheric numbers that are very dark, do some soul searching, and have a feeling of realness as the album title states. A lot of people liken their sound to Pain Of Salvation or Porcupine Tree but I feel that this band pretty much has their own style and sound. I like the way the album started off with an instrumental track. It pretty much sets the mood for the whole record and the tracks that ensue can be crazy and distorted and then become mellow and almost quiet. It's definitely a roller coaster of sounds and ambience. Definitely highly recommended.