Band Website:


Band Members:

Flauros -- vocals
Nera -- vocals
Daamr -- guitars, bass
Chris -- guitars
Spectre -- keyboards
Golem -- drums


01. Intro
02. In Red Iris
03. Era Aggression
04. Time Of Obscure Emotions
05. Fistful Of Ashes
06. Demise
07. Absence Of Light
08. The Darkest One
09. Dusk
10. From Beyond
11. In Its Cobweb

This is yet another fine metal band hailing from Poland who play heavy metal but are not afraid to experiment with their sound. They mix death metal with symphonic black metal that comes out brutal as hell. They have a male and female vocalist who trade off quite well. YOu get chilling growls and angelic singing and they pull it off so well. These guys tend to go all over the map and keep the listener's attention. You get crunchy guitar riffs, blast beats, and symphonic sounds. You also get a live video clip of "Era Aggression". Definitely a great release.