Band Website:
Dawn Of Azazel


Band Members:

Rigel Walshe -- bass, vocals
Joe Bonett -- guitars
Jeremy Suckling -- drums


01. Spare None
02. Swathed In Impurity
03. The Road To Babalon
04. Descent Into Eminence
05. Villainy Endures
06. Sedition
07. Violence And Uncleanliness
08. Sin (Amongst The Kings)
09. Master Of The Strumpets

I read the most hilarious thing. Apparently the vocalist is a police officer and it so bothered folks that he's in a metal band that sings about rebellion and shit that they put him in the newspaper. Now, that's fucking cool. This CD is definitely the most brutal one that has come across my desk so far. It's chaotic and all over the place and that's not a bad thing. The shrieks and screams on here sound like something out of Hell and the songs are fast paced and thunderous. If you want a serious ass-pounding these New Zealanders will definitely deliver.