Band Website:
Day Eleven


Band Members:

Janne Pajari -- vocals
Olli Sopanen -- guitar
Matti Lotjonen -- guitar
Kimmo Karkkainen -- bass
Luca -- drums


01. Whenever You Say You Love Me
02. Dissonance Fading
03. Dissonance Fading (version)

I got this three song CD in the mail and popped it into the player. This band is a five piece and they hail from Tampere, Finland. Finland has such an awesome music scene for such a little place. If you love music then you could just live there and fall in love with all their different bands. Their music is basically grunge infused with punk and pop and just a big guitar infusion. These guys definitely know how to write songs and how to rock people. I was just blown away with these two songs. The third one being a different version from the second one. "Whenever You Say You Love Me" is definitely a catchy tune and I like that one the most.