Band Website:
Daylight Dies


Band Members:

Nathan Ellis -- vocals
Barre Gambling -- guitars
Charley Shackelford -- guitars
Egan O'Rourke -- bass, vocals
Jesse Haff -- drums


01. Cathedral
02. Portrait In White
03. Subtle Violence
04. And A Slow Surrender
05. At A Loss
06. Woke Up Lost
07. Descending
08. Last Alone
09. Morning Light

I've had the opportunity to listen to material from this band before and they incorporate American metal and Swedish metal to perfection and even used a Swedish producer who did a damn fine job on this release. I definitely dug this record because of the melodies as well as the gruff vocals and at some point even melodic ones. But it was definitely the melodies of the songs that really hit me. There are some fairly slow songs but definitely quite a few rollicking ones as well. The songs are pretty long but varied and intense enough to keep you listening. These guys are definitely amazing when it comes to song structures and melodic playing. This is definitely a band that keeps coming out with consistently solid music and this release is definitely solid.