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Band Members:

Arek -- drums
Grzesiek -- bass
Marcin -- guitars
Pat -- vocals


01. Get Us All
02. Almost There
03. Into The Night
04. As Bad As It Gets
05. Falling Down
06. Suicide Watch
07. Key Witness
08. I Shit You Not
09. Cult Leader
10. The Bigger The Lie
11. iContact

This CD was an enjoyable feast. These dudes hail from Poland and are a raucous bunch. It's basically metal with a punk attitude. They kind of remind you of Raging Speedhorn. One thing I dug about this CD is that it's got a groove to it. I took it to the gym with me and tore up the treadmill listening to this CD. They definitely had me grooving big time. This is some loud, raucous, aggressive shit guaranteed to bring the roof down. It's quite obvious that these fine gentlemen put a lot of time and effort into this release. The last track on the CD is called iContact and it's a long one but a good one! It's their debut album and I can only imagine things are just starting to heat up. Check these guys out!