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Band Members:

Luc Lemay -- vocals, lead guitar, acoustic guitar
Sylvain Marcoux -- lead guitar
Eric Giguere -- bass
Stephane Provencher -- drums


01. ...And Then Comes Lividity
02. Stiff And Cold
03. Disincarnated
04. Considered Dead
05. Rottenatomy
06. Bodily Corrupted
07. Waste Of Mortality
08. Drifting Remains
09. Hematological Allergy
10. Inoculated Life
11. Considered Dead
12. Rottenatomy

This is another cool death metal band who had a good CD remastered for your listening pleasure. If you love hearing about death and dying and bleeding and all sorts of gory shit of that nature then this band is for you. These guys remind me a lot of Voivod. Both bands are very technical and like to take metal far beyond its limits and add something new and fresh to it. If you are an extreme metal fan this tasty treasure should whet your appetite for gore and insanity and prickle your senses. The songs are extremely brutal and played at warp speed but there are times when you hear melodic shit and slower shit as well. Some of the great tunes on this are "Waste Of Mortality", "Rottenatomy", and "Bodily Corrupted". I don't think you want to let this release not enter your metal collection.