Band Website:
The Hellacopters

Band Members:
Nicke Andersson -- guitar, vocals
Robert Dahlqvist -- guitar
Robert Eriksson -- drums
Kenny Hakansson -- bass
Anders Lindstrom -- keyboards


01. Before the Fall
02. Everything's on TV
03. Monkeyboy
04. No Angel to Lay Me Away
05. Bring It on Home
06. Leave It Alone
07. Murder on My Mind
08. I'm in the Band
09. Put out the Fire
10. I Might Come See You Tonight
11. Nothing Terribly New
12. Make It Tonight
13. Time Got No Time to Wait for Me

I have to admit that I totally love these guys. They've got that guitar infectious rock and roll sound that I grew up with but they are totally not dated. They sound fresh and rollicking. Their songs are upbeat and fun. When you put this CD in your player you are going to be jamming and playing air guitar. The songs that I really love is "Everything's On TV" and "Monkeyboy". These guys have it all. The attitude, the swagger, and the great guitar riffs. If you want to have fun then buy this CD. There is no filler material on here at all.