Band Website:
Dead Man In Reno


Band Members:

Justin Sansom -- vocals
Drew Shelnutt -- bass
Brian Huggins -- drums
Stuart Ogran -- guitar
Chris Penuel -- guitar


01. To Attain Everything
02. From Here I Can See The Shore
03. She's Tugging On My Heartstrings
04. Given A Season Of Sun
05. Goodbye Tomrrow, Hello Dead Letters
06. The Devil Made Him Do It
07. He Said She Said
08. Cursed
09. Even In My Dreams
10. Lovestainedrazorblades

This is band with a cool name that hails from Alabama. I think they pretty much deliver on this debut CD. They've got the aggressive guitar riffs, the double bass drumming, and extremely intense vocals. They have some songs on here that have a groove to them and some that are quite techincal where they show just how good they are. I think the guitar work on this record is really impressive. Complex breakdowns and monstrous riffs that are sure to please. You've got a good mixture of growling and melodic vocals. The guy really sounds like he's pissed off about something. This is just basically a balls to the wall release. I think this is something a lot of metalcore fans will really dig on.